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Studio: Buena Vista
MPAA Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Theatrical Release Date: 10/23/2000
Pre Order Date: 12/8/2003
Video Release Date: 1/20/2004
Box Office Type: Theatrical
Box Details: Less Than 100K
Director: Stephen Burrows
Cast: Stephen Burrows, Tim Mattheson, Traci Lords, Jerry Stiller Review: 'Milwaukee Steve' (Steve Burrows) is a writer, actor, and comic who years ago left his hometown of Milwaukee, WI, for the bright lights of Hollywood and who, after years of struggling, has managed to get his foot in the door of show business thanks to his appearance in a widely seen commercial for a personal hygiene product called "Crotch Fresh." Steve decides to pay a visit to his friends in the Midwest, and while in Milwaukee he meets 'Sam' (Traci Lords), an attractive woman interested in knowing more about his career in entertainment. As Steve and Sam get to know each other, he regales her with a number of remarkable stories about fascistic acting coaches, egocentric producers, and studio heads too young to hold a driver's license.

Hilarious movie about an every guy's experience in the sausage factory called Hollywood, this had a short festival run in the U.S. and knocked out audiences in attendance...even brought home a few awards to boot. There won't likely be huge appeal at the get-go, but the humor here is quality enough to get a word-of-mouth going that could result in this being a bit of a sleeper. Why the outrageous VHS pricing? Who knows...look at your average cost after the program and consider going DVD only...but will such a move cause VHS renters to go to a competitor?

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