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Burrows and Lords Writer/director Stephen Burrows produces a hilarious new film starring Tim Matheson, Jerry Stiller and Traci Lords about a struggling writer who goes to Hollywood seeking his fortune and fame only to fail and find himself forced to return to his naitive Wisconsin, land of beer and cheese. The film is a funny, heart warming rags to rags tale.

About the Filmmaker

Stephen Burrows was born in Dayton Ohio where his grandmother first declared him an idot savant, minus the savant part. Reared in Milwaukee, beer capital of the world, Steve's first major influence was his father's winning appearance on The Gong Show.

Matheson and Burrows After college, Steve joined Second City Director Del Close in the Barron's Barracudas improvisational comedy troupe and simultaneously landed a job as a PA on the film The Untouchables where Steve is promptly read the riot act by Sean Connery.

Steve's first film, The Soldier of Fortune, about his appearance and subsequent humiliation on TV's Wheel of Fortune game show won a litany of awards but was forced out of competttion due to a law suit by Merv Griffin.

After appearing in many television shows like Seinfeld and America's Funniest Home Videos, Steve makes his directorial debut with Chump Change, a story of Fame, Fortune Cheese and Beer.

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