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Chump Change / Special DVD Edition


Press Stephen Burrows writes, directs and stars in this comical auto-biographical satire. The cast includes: Jerry Stiller, Fred Willard, Tim Matheson and you will enjoy Traci Lords' great performance, exposing the absurdities of Hollywood and all the crackpots one has to tolerate for the price of fame.

Winning the HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Audience Award for Best Feature in 2001 and with the Best Actress Award going to Traci Lords, one cannot help but laugh at the absurdities that take place to Milwaukee Steve, as he becomes known, as he tries to make it big in Hollywood only to end up back in Milwaukee with nothing to show for but a jock itch commercial and lots of bizarre stories.

Trying to raise some money to fake his death, which he thinks will increase his popularity, Steve goes on Wheel of Fortune, but ends up being sued by Merv Griffin over a film he made about being on Wheel of Fortune. This film becomes such a hot commodity that nobody's seen but everybody's talking about it. Suddenly, everybody wants to be Steve's agent and he's even got Simon (Tim Matheson), a psychotic (but in a funny way) Hollywood film maker to buy his screenplay. The formula was simple: Steve was to write an Action-Sex-Comedy. Nothing could go wrong when you have those three components.

The story that follows is totally outlandish. From agents to managers to a 13 year old studio boss and doing what "Simon says", unfortunately Steve was not prepared for the insanity that was to come. Once he found himself back in Milwaukee he met Sam (Traci Lords) and their rapport was immediate as he shared all the details of his adventures with her.

Brilliantly cast and directed, Stephen Burrows shares his story with us about the screwballs in Hollywood and gives us an insider's look at what it's like at the bottom trying to claw your way to the top. Once at the top, enjoy the view because you don't know how long you'll be there and it's a long way down.

Special Features
  • Deleted Scenes with optional Director Commentary 6 deleted scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Out takes with optional director commentary
  • Focus Group Lo Lites.. Focus Group comments read by Steve Burrows from the test screening in February 2003, all real comments, very funny
  • Feature Commentary With Director Steve Burrows
  • Director Commentary on the Director Commentary (not really... more of that satirical humour we love)
  • A conversation with Traci Lords

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