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Chump Change - 2004 Miramax


From the press release:

Is there any point to life after the pursuit of Hollywood's dizzying fame, easy sex and huge paychecks? Find out as Miramax Home Entertainment presents CHUMP CHANGE, the hysterical, award-winning comedy that boldly puts Tinsletown in its place with some over-the-top antics - all based on real life. This uproarious film stars Traci Elizabeth Lords ("Blade," TV's "Melrose Place"), Jerry Stiller (TV's "King of Queens"), Tim Matheson (TV's "The West Wing," "Animal House") and Fred Willard ("Best In Show") in a crazy comedy that follows the true story of Stephen D. Burrows, a regular guy from the Midwest who tries to hit it big in the movies. Get ready for borderline-insane producers, sex in the limousine and mega-star jock-itch television commercials, because "Milwaukee Steve's" outlandish, bizarre and extremely funny story could only happen in Hollywood - and it really did!

I'd never heard of this movie before sitting down to watch it, but I was intrigued to watch the life story of "Milwaukee Steve" unfold... the fact that it's pretty much all based on a true story is fascinating - this guy has lived it up in Hollywood! His directorial debut was pretty entertaining, with some good performances (and some very funny ones by the quirkier cast) including a turn by none other than Ms. Traci Lords herself.

Video: How's it look?
The video quality is excellent, and really makes the most of both settings in the film. The cold Milwaukee landscapes look excellent, and the busy Hollywood scenes look warm and colorful. Everything looks as clean as a whistle, and blacks are solid too (although a few very dark scenes are a little murky, but that's almost to be expected). It's a great-looking effort, and should please any viewers of the movie.

Audio: How's it sound?
The audio sounded clean and clear, as a recent movie should. Presented in Dolby Digital Surround, everything came through perfectly fine for this dialogue-driven movie. There isn't tons of surround activity, save for ambience and the occasional music cues. Overall, there are no complaints here.

Extras: What all's on the DVD?
  • Audio Commentary with Stephen Burrows
  • Director's Commentary on the Director's Commentary (literally)
  • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
  • Focus Group Lo-Lights
  • A Conversation With Traci Lords
  • theatrical trailer

Closing Thoughts
A fun movie with a nice selection of extras and supplementals!

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