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Chump Change

February 9, 2004
Reviewer: Sarah Sanchez

Chump Change is the directorial debut from Stephen Burrows, which ironically is pretty much his life story, thus far. Stephen Burrows got his start in commercials (Selson blue) as well as small rolls in films (Spy Hard) and TV shows (Alien Avengers, Buckets of Blood). This film was actually completed a few years ago (2000 according to and was long-delayed due to studio intervention. While it may seem that there was a discrepancy in releasing the film at all, I for one am glad that it was released.

The Movie:
In summary the plot revolves around Milwaukee Steve (Burrows) in an auto-biography sort of way. The viewer will follow Milwaukee Steve as he heads out to Hollywood for stardom and adventure. Steve gets a few commercial gigs, like the hilarious series of commercials he did for "Crotch Fresh", however he doesn't feel so successful and ends up heading back to good ole' hometown Milwaukee.

Tim Matheson, Clancy Brown and Anna Meara all deliver excellent executed roles, while Traci Lords (porn icon gone legit) falls a bit flat on her delivery, she comes off stiff and awkward and unsure of her lines. Thankfully, the good deliveries outweigh the bad resulting in a sharp and energetic satire.

At times, the movie becomes confusing and hard to follow due to chaotic pacing and flash back scene sequences that offer no real explanation why it was a good choice to film in this style to begin with, which may have an end result of alienating some of the casual film going crowd, however I think even the most casual viewer can sit through this as it offers plenty of laughs.

Widescreen (1.85:1) Enhanced for 16X9 Televisions

Dolby Digital Surround Sound

DVD Extras:
  • Deleted scenes (with optional director commentary)
  • Outtakes (with optional director commentary)
  • Chump Change Lo-Lights.
  • Feature commentary with director Stephen D. Burrows.
  • Commentary on the commentary by Stephen D. Burrows.
  • A conversation with Traci Lords.

Overall, "Chump Change" is an entertaining film and a not-to-shabby directorial debut by Stephen Burrows. While Traci Lords was just awful in this movie, I doubt this will stop any of her fans from picking this up. I enjoyed myself and I am confident that others will too, the perfect addition a Saturday night stay-at-home movie line up.

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