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Oriental Theatre Sold Out for "Chump Change"

About Milwaukee
November 08, 2003

The 1000-plus seat main auditorium at the Oriental Theatre on Milwaukee's East Side sold out for the first time since 1987 with the Friday night premiere of "Chump Change." A hilarious and absurd account of Milwaukee Steve's (Stephen Burrows) misguided attempts to make it in Hollywood, as told to love interest Sam (Traci Lords) while they seem to walk every inch of Milwaukee, "Chump Change" exaggerates everything to comic perfection.

Along with Tim Matheson, Anne Meara, Jerry Stiller and Fred Willard, there are appearances by the Mars Cheese Castle, The Domes, the Sidney Hih building (pre-makeover), deer heads, and a load of other Milwaukee icons.

If that wasn't enough to delight a Milwaukee audience, we were treated to a rousing rendition of "On Wisconsin" played on the Oriental's Kimball Theatre Pipe Organ - the largest in the country and third largest in the world.

Somehow craving cheese, I gratefully loaded up on cheddar and brie at the party held at the Dragon Lounge after the film.

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