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Oscar Nominations
For Your Consideration

Best Actress
Traci Lords in Chump Change

"The single best performance you'll see this year by a former porn star with her clothes on."
- David Denby, The New Yorker

"I believed Nicole Kidman in Cold Mountain for about two seconds. If you want to talk about acting, let's talk about Traci Lords in Hump Change - uh... I mean Chump Change.
- David Anson, Newsweek

"Traci Lords? Boy, would I like to grope me some of that."
- Governor Arnold Schwarznegger

Best Supporting Actor
Abe Vigoda in Chump Change

"Mr. Vigoda's portrayal of a French spy whose plans to destroy Cleveland, Ohio are thwarted by a single whack to the crotch - Brilliant."
- Joel Siegel, Good Morning America

"You can talk all you want about Chris Cooper in that snoozefest Seabiscuit, but until you've seen Abe Vigoda cavorting about in a New Orleans brothel - you ain't seen nothing."
- Rex Reed, The New York Observer

"Jeezus - I thought he was dead."
- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Best Supporting Actor
Fred Willard in Chump Change
Jerry Stiller in Chump Change
Tim Matheson in Chump Change
Clancy Brown in Chump Change
A.J. Benza in Chump Change
Roger Clinton in Chump Change

"Cripes - look at this cast! The drugs and hookers must have been pretty damn good on that shoot.
- Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times

Best Actor
Steve Burrows in Chump Change

- John Anderson, New York Newsday

"Never heard of him."
- J. Hoberman, Village Voice

"You mean that jowly guy? Oh yeah. He reminded me of a young Bea Arthur."
- Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

Best Picture
Chump Change

"I'd rather watch my parents making love than sit through the "Lord of the Rings" again. If I hear one more Hobbit reference, I'll friggin' scream. I like Chump Change - it's got no friggin' Hobbit's."
- Richard Schikel, Time Magazine

"Easily the best use of Polka music in a movie - ever."
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"21 Grams was good, but not very funny. Chump Change is funny."
- Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

"Chump Change has everything. It's one-half action, one-half sex and one-half comedy. You do the math."
- Kevin Thomas, LA TIMES

"Look, here's the deal. For ninety minutes I put the country on hold, kicked back and laughed my ass off. And I gotta tell you, Laura laughed her ass off. too. That Chump Change is some funny-ass shit."
- President George W. Bush

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