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Critique DVD - French Review

This DVD review originally appeared in French on the Critique DVD web site. We ran it through an online translation service but some of the idiomatic language was translated verbatim. At any rate, it makes for an amusing review.

The film
A young man leaves Wisconsin to go to Hollywood and to become a high-speed motorboat. The way of glory is strewn with several obstacles, it will thus start by making a publicity for a product reducing itchings to the fork.

It will become famous when it is made continue by a high-speed motorboat. Steve. Our young man will then realize that the life of high-speed motorboat is not made for all and will turn over food in its patelin.


Soft copy:
  • Chump Change is presented in format 1.78:1 according to a anamorphosÉ transfer.
  • The reproduction of the colors misses the corrosive one.
  • The blacks are always deep.
  • Practically not of grain throughout film.
  • No artefact of compression nor on-definition of contours are visible.

Sound presentation:
  • Only one sound track accompanies the film, English Dolby Surround.
  • Quasi non-existent dynamism.
  • The dialogues are well integrated and always understandable.
  • Under English title are available.
  • Track comments of the realizer who misses a little spirit
  • Track comments of the track of comments, laughing.
  • Scenes cut to the assembly with possibility of comment for each one of it.
  • Reading of the worst moments of "X-ray Group", still once, very funny.
  • Interview with Tracy Lords on his performance, the interview is however a little too promotional.
  • Bloopers rather amusing.
  • Trailers

The hidden chart
Chum Change constitutes a film on the slides of Hollywood as lived by the realizer, scenario writer and interprets principal. The result is effective and rather amusing.

The final verdict
A film with the disrespectful humour which is not addressed to all. A very high selling price largely comes to technically wound the quality-price ratio of this edition in the standards which proposes a beautiful harvest of supplements.

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