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Chump Change Cast and Crew
Cast Crew Special Thanks
Special Thanks


We are extremely grateful to Thornton and Lou Williams Page without whose kind support this film would not have been possible. They would have loved the finished product.

To Margo Towe Burrows M.T.L.F.A.A.

To Judie Burrows, Harry Burrows, Art and Carol Towe and Del Close... thank you

We greatly appreciate the generosity of:
Frank Caufield
Kirsten Caufield
Nancy and Stephen Demorest
Mary Ellen and David Gray
Mary Ann and Kip Hagopian
James Kimsey
Mark Kimsey
Raymond Kimsey
Melissa and Tim Pennington
Margery Evans Reifler

As well as being most particularly beholden to:
Steve Abbott, Ted Bell, Dale Blunier, Fern Cassel, Chevrolet Nova, Will Conroy, Crazy Horse Editorial, Chris Cusack, Daily Variety, Olivia Debono, Vin Di Bona, Dawn Eaton, Greg Fletcher, Ken Galton, Rose Ganguzza, Jaymes Hodges, Hollywood Honeywagons, Dr. Leslie Kaplan - Diplomate American Board of Urology, Mr. Krantz of the Ramada Inn, Michael Lehman, Dave Mayer, Anne McCabe, Ruth and Stuart Orme, Pat Papero, Steve Paskay, Don Patenaude, The Plaza Hotel, Jim Puzzo, Ken Reiner, Larry Robins, Peter Reynolds, Frank Sullivan, Kristin Sutter, Steve Svendsen, the Syrena Polish Folk Dance Ensemble, Nadia Tass & David Parker, Clark Tate, Christopher Taylor, Paul Tobias, Vic and Norb and all the folks at Pallet City, Shayne Vitemb, and the Waddler

The good citizens and business owners of Wisconsin:
Ray Bussler's Restaurant, Greendale Police Department, Harley Davidson Motor Clothes and Laughlin Constable, the Holler House and Marci Skowronski, the Long Riders of the Tripoli Temple - Milwaukee, National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Ted Dzialo - Executive Director, Polkasound and Tom Brusky, Remote Planet, Independent Sound, Randy Bobo and Rick Probst, Russ & Darlene's and Russ and Darlene Janusz, Standard Theatres and John F. Ling, Sue's Bay View Band Wagon and Mark Burzynski, The Village of Greendale, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Film Office, Stanley Solheim, Scott Thom, the Greater Milwaukee Convention & Visitors' Bureau, Kim Whitehead

No animals were harmed in any way during the making of this movie (if you don't count the poor beasts who were bagged and stuffed in that one shot, but, in truth, they were already hanging on the wall when we got there)

Chump Change was shot on location in Los Angeles, California, New York City, and throughout the great state of Wisconsin.


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