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Jon Chardiet

Jon Chardiet

Jon Chardiet as "Mr. C.", "German Crotch Fresh Announcer", and "Chinese Crotch Fresh Announcer"

Among Jon Chardiet's various roles portrayed in Film and Television are: Wolfman, Igor, Homo Erectus, a pimp, various and assorted terrorists, a Ukrainian mystic, a couple of gangsters, a Russian soldier, a psycho construction worker, a bankrobber, a cop, a graffiti writer, a socialist, a Eurotrash doorkeep, Adolf Hitler, Roy, and finally, himself, as Mr. C in Chump Change.

Jon has been shot in the chest and stomach, stabbed in the back, electrocuted on the third rail, beaten by an assortment of leading men, been arrested, been frozen, and seen the Virgin Mary.

Jon has raped, robbed, assembled and delivered an atomic bomb in a suitcase, and had long make-out sessions twice on screen.

In various settings including radio he has worked with or near, Charlie Sheen, Chris Tucker, Charles During, Marsha Mason, Jeffery Jones, Hector Elizando, Jennifer Tilly, Harry Belafonte, Grandmaster Flash, Doug E. Fresh, Jon Voight, Keenan Wayans, Rae Dawn Chong, Bonnie Franklin, Rosemary Clooney, not counting all the greats he's worked near in Chump.

Jon is thankful for being given the chance to play in Chump Change, not only for getting the chance to play himself, but to work for Mr. B, a major talent, and one of the few able to make a film that is not only funny, but laugh out loud funny.

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